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I am not a person of religion, but my spirituality is very real. I value life in the respect of a gift, something I didn’t ask for but received with gratitude and thanks. This is the core of my spirituality. I feel that my body is part of this gift, for I did not ask for the gift of life but I have received it and choose to make the best of it.
That said, my body is composed from a complex sequence of DNA, influenced by my lifestyle such as diet, exercise and environment. As a species our DNA varies. These variances are noticeable on the inside and out, however at the core there is a basic understanding that our bodies are made of the same things. From our bones and outward to the flesh that embellishes these bones, we are all very similar.
Just like gender variance, our bodies also have variance. I do not believe in the social constructs such as binary gender identity, commonly used to classify people as “a man” or “a woman” based upon that persons body.
When I understood this entirely, I began to notice other social constructs that brainwash individuals into believing that what is seen at face value is in fact, true. But this is wrong.
The human body is something that has variance, but this does not mean that one body type is more or less “beautiful” than another.

The variances in everything from our body types to our gender identity, these variances are what make the human race as a species unique. I believe that these variances should be encouraged and celebrated.
But instead, most of society believes that beauty is something you have to spend countless hours on and have massive amounts money to achieve. But this is a hoax. A very, very common hoax used by marketers and brands to push products that no one honestly needs, in an attempt to make money. The saddest part though, …. is it works.
When I was younger I dreamed of living in a big city. I dreamed of being societies idea of “beautiful” like my favorite musicians and the people I idolized. I spent countless dollars on things that I never needed to achieve beauty. I was wrong.

I know coming from me, this message will be hard for some to understand, because in many ways I fit the description for what society considers to be “beautiful” but my body is beautiful because I believe that my body is beautiful. Not because someone else told me so. Acceptance of my own body is where I started. Acceptance of others bodies is where I am at. Body equality is where I am going.

-Elliott Alexzander

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